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Fashion-Artificial Intelligence Start-ups

1. Wearable X: Wearable X is a San Francisco-based fashion technology startup that designs, develops and manufactures intelligent clothing using biometric data and artificial intelligence (AI). The company's garments work in tandem with a mobile app to provide real-time analytics on the wearer's performance and health.

2. Ziel: Ziel is an AI-powered fashion tech startup that looks to make the shopping experience more personalised and interactive. The company uses algorithms and data to create personalised wardrobes for customers, allowing them to discover new pieces and mix-and-match different items to create desirable looks.

3. Ohr London: Ohr London is a London-based fashion technology startup that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver personalised recommendations and clothing advice. The company's tech-driven platform analyses user data to recommend products that are best suited to their needs, creating a customised shopping experience.

4. Elan Vibe: Elan Vibe is an AI-powered fashion discovery platform that allows users to find the perfect look for any occasion. The platform uses image recognition, natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyse user data and provide personalised recommendations that are tailored to their individual tastes.

5. YOOXYGEN: YOOXYGEN is a sustainable fashion platform that uses AI to match shoppers with ethically produced products. The platform uses an AI-driven “sustainability score” system to rate products based on how eco-friendly they are.

6. Stylumia: Stylumia is an AI-powered virtual styling assistant that delivers personalized fashion advice and recommendations.Human: more examples

7. FashWELL: FashWELL is an AI-powered fashion search engine that uses natural language processing, image recognition and machine learning to deliver personalized search results. The platform uses visual recognition to recognize clothing items and match them with similar products from a variety of retailers.

8. ThreadFlip: ThreadFlip is an AI-powered fashion marketplace that helps shoppers discover unique pieces from around the world. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to curate a selection of one-of-a-kind items from over 2,000 independent designers.

9. Fashom: Fashom is an AI-powered styling platform that delivers personalised fashion advice to users. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to analyse user data and recommend pieces that match their individual style.

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